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Shanghai Nongsheng Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic garden automation equipment integrator and greenhouse gardening supplier. The company is located in Pudong New District, Shanghai.

Shanghai Nong Sheng Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Nongsheng Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic horticultural automation equipment integrator and greenhouse horticultural material supplier. The company has obtained a number of invention patents, practical new patents, appearance design patents and software copyright; 14001 related certification and AAA -level credit system certification. The company's demonstration center is located in Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and the R & D and production center is located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province. Suzhou, Beijing, and Yunnan all have branches.

Nongsheng Company focuses on providing customers with horticultural automation solutions and good greenhouse gardening materials. It mainly operates two major business -garden automation solutions and greenhouse gardening materials business. Among them, in the greenhouse gardening material section, the company has obtained the World 500 The Chinese agency rights of the Neokut series PO coating film produced by the strong enterprise's residential accumulation of water, and actively cooperated with the Japanese Nitigi company to introduce the F-CLEAN film to the country, becoming a senior agent in China ; Obtaining the the world's largest garden textile manufacturer, the Chinese general agency right of Thrace Group. In the automation solution business sector, the company cooperates with many world garden equipment suppliers in the Netherlands, and is determined to become an excellent automation integrator in the industry. Essence